Ominous Releases



Le Bambole Di Velluto – Size 36 (OR112)

Bass-heavy, rumbling and crunchy HNW by A.S. (Anonymous Masturbaudioum / Labbra Di Lurido Blu).

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Inhaler – S/T (OR109)

Gritty, boilerroom power electronics/industrial from southern Sweden.

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Flesh Vomit – Beyond The Spectral Light (OR108)

Evil and lurking noisy ambient/industrial.

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Geert Kohler – Your Blonde Wife (OR107)

Ultra harsh and feedbacked electronics. Sonic destruction.

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Monuments Are No Good To The Dead – Earth’s Hum Volume 3 & 4 (OR105)

Monolithic static noise, teutonic plate movements, heavy as the earth.

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Eugene Critchley – Dead Memories (OR104)

Massively bleak and deep drone noise wall from a true master of the arts.

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Mottled Legs – Gratification (OR099)

Feberdröm side-project, fantastic stuff!

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Feberdröm – Flood Of Misery (OR007)

New album by one of Sweden’s absolute top artists. Well-crafted Industrial/Power Electronics/Harsh Noise.

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Uitgeschakeld / Ratteknaeghen – S/T (OR097)

Split between two amazing Dutch HNW artists.

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Tuffo – Masones (OR96)

Ultra static harsh noise from Spanish maniac.

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Mowlawner vs Church Burner – S/T (OR095)

Blackened Abruptum style noise from CB, and haunting dark ambient/drone from Mowlawner.

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Ragk – Escape (OR093)

Another amazing tape by wunderkind Ragk, amazing harsh noise with passion and fury.

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Raven – Raining Napalm (OR085)

Raw harsh noise from Serbia!



Mutiiilation – Unholy Trinitiii (OR080)

3-way HNW collab between No123Noise, Dosis Letalis and Sloth. Proper walls!



Carrion Black Pit – Cupio Dissolvi (OR071)

Progressive and well-made wall-craft from Brazil.



Black Meat – S/T (OR067)

Noise/Drone/Cut-Up collaboration between JS (Black Matter Phantasm) and JS (Sumbru/KØ) based on the Writings of William S. Burroughs.



Urge To Kill – La Jaula De Concentratión 69 (OR062)

Furious and brutal walls from Spain.


RRR – Border Of Nowhere (OR057)

Amazing cracklings and crumblings from french act RRR. Wellcrafted walls!


Wehrmacht Lombardo – Tight Crossed Legs (OR050)

Amazing static HNW from this Mexican master. Nylon worshipping walls.


Soviet Jazz – The Beat Session (OR041)

Ominous first vinyl release! The amazing non-ex-Soviet-duo from the north western suburbs of the swedish capital returns with more jazznoise-experimental freak out! Limited to 100 copies. Comes with a digital download (including a bonus EP!)

80 SEK / 9 Eur / 10 USD

HQ Tape Series Volume 12 – Soviet Jazz (OR030-12)

The darkest Soviet Jazz output so far? Could be, more in the vein of About Frank Fatelle then similar to the later contributions to the destruction of musical boundaries.

Heavier, darker and extremely good!

40 SEK / 4,5 EUR / 6 USD

HQ Tape Series Volume 3 – Fresh Weather Bomb Attack (OR030-03)

Even though it’s a re-release, Ominous couldn’t be happier to release another tape with the Bomb Attack. This’ll fuck you up!

Tape 40 SEK / 4,5 EUR / 6 USD

Pleasure Trail – Intellectuami (OR028)

Did you ever think that Ominous would release breakcore? Well, Ominous didn’t think so either, until the new Pleasure Trail music was delivered. Dan Söderberg reinvents himself once again. The music on this tape is Very different from the Quapolar Boy-stuff, but still sounds like something created by Dan anyway. A little mindfuck that lasts for 16 minutes.

Tape 40 SEK / 4,5 EUR / 6 USD

Zeit – S/T (OR021)

Tape 40 SEK / 4,5 EUR / 6 USD


TAPE 2: Totenpaahle / Tempole! (OR018)

Totenpaahle – Taileater

Harsh, dirty and truly noisy without it becoming pure static.

Tempole! – GG Pride

Laid back folk/kraut. Two new tracks and a Nissenenmondai cover.

Tape 40 SEK / 4,5 EUR / 6 USD

The Balustrade Ensemble – Capsules (OR008)

This is beautiful and dark, sorrowful and capturing, and seems almost fragile.
May appeal to fans of Sigur Rós, Múm and similar.

CD in Digipack 100 SEK / 11 EUR / 12 USD

Charons Nymfer (Swe) – Se Döden På Dig Väntar (OR004)

Folkrock, metal, noise, original material composed the same way as old folk music from the 1700th. Angstridden, haunting, interesting to say the least.

The limited edition is handnumbered by Dick Lundberg.

Standard CD 60 SEK / 7 EURO / 8 USD

Limited Edition 80 SEK / 9 EURO / 10 USD

Suicidal Seduction – Guilty On All Counts (OR002)

Groovy, hateful Death Metal with some melodic influences. In the vein of Vomitory and Vader.

MCDr 50 SEK / 5,5 EURO / 6 USD

Maskinfett – Stinkhole Universe (OR001)

Pulse-oriented harsh, industrial noise from Sweden. The debut albums contains some of Maskinfetts greatest moments. This should be of interest for fans of Merzbow, Smegma and more of such.

CDr 50 SEK / 5,5 EURO / 6 USD


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