2nd Hand Tapes

712 Research – S/T (Self-released) 5€

Ah Ciliz – Led Astray (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 5€ (Black Metal)

Armaghumil – Those Joyless Years (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 5€ (Black Metal)

Faggot Front – Eyes Like Roadkill (Glossolalia Records) 7€

Geisst – Electroplasmic Veiling ( Fall Into Void Recs) 10€ (Unplayed)

Ghanas Boender & Deth Leopard – Timbrogolem Tiger Wet (Flacon Recordings) 5€ (weird, Swedish noise)

Mopsiga Barn – roster I radio och huvud (Hockey Rawk) 5€ (Weird Swedish collage noise)

SDDC – Save The Trees (Madame Cryptica) 5€

Telephone Melts & Seafoam/Quapolar Boy – The Split (Self-released) 5€ (Swedish indie/alternative)

2nd Hand CDr’s

Beyond Life – Raven (Le Crépuscules Du Soir) 3€ (Blackened ambient)

Blank Verse – Karelia Ingria (Self-released) 2€ (Swedish experimental)

Chrysalis / Agit8 – Sacred Silence (Cipher Productions) 3€ (3’’CDr)

Crank Sturgeon / Kylie Minoise – Split ( Debila Records) 3€ (3’’CDr)

Dead Body Collection – My Bones Are Cold (Serious Business CDr) 5€ (Biz-card CDr)

Dead Flesh Fashion – Anchors (Baskat) 3€ (Hardcore/Grindcore)

Dei Nostri – Intimitet (demo) 2€ (Swedish P.E./Industrial)

Flesh Coffin – Folie Á Deux (Dumpsterscore Home Recordings) 5€

Flood – The Deep (Altar Of Waste) 12€ (2-Cdr)

Inanition – Antonym (Toxic Industries) 5€

Indch Libertine – Bodil Jörgensen Lover (Toxic Industries) 5€

Monuments Are No Good To The Dead – Earth’s Hum Vol. 5 (Required Rate Of Return) 5€

Mowlawner – Nuclear Shadow (Self-released) 5€

Nightmare Castle – Phibes (Altar Of Waste) 10€

Nundata + Visdomstann – Mitochondrial DNA (Petite Soles) 5€

RRR – Kind Of Death (Nahàsh Atrym Productions) 5€

Silence & Strength – Le Divin Cagliostro (The Eastern Front) 5€

Silence & Strength – Opus Paracelsum (The Eastern Front) 5€

Stelladrine – Le Rire Des Étoiles (Mechanoise Labs) 5€

Support Unit – Black Uniforms (Petite Soles) 7€

Tanner Garza – Frank Goodish (Petite Soles) 5€ (3’’ CDr)

Tibetan Funeral – Janma (Self-released) 5€ (S. Pakhomov, cracked case)

Tissa Mawartyassari / Hana Haruna – Split (KV&GR/Recs) 5€

Tissa Mawartyassari – Ghost Story (Altar Of Waste) 20€ (4-CDr)

Train Cemetery – Lethean Streams (The Level Of Vulnerability) 5€ (3’’CDr)

Various – Brick By Brick (Small Doses) 20€ (7×3’’ CDr’s, AVFN, Four Flies, Griz+zlor, Vomir)

Vilgoc / Wram – No Movement (T.R.U.P. Rec) 3€

White Torture – Braindead (Phage Tapes) 8€ (3’’ CDr)

Woundfont – Infinite Undo (Void Singularity Recordings) 3€

Yo Amoeba – Snooze EP (self-released) 2€ (Swedish experimental)

2nd Hand CD’s

Bocksholm – The Haunting Curse Of Skogs-Sara (Wrotycz) 5€

Testphasen Negativ – HoW I Won The War/Wie Ich Den Krieg Gewann (Sérpéné Héli) 5€

New (Unplayed) CDr’s

DeaD!!! – “The Graven Realm” (Altar Of Waste) 10€ (2-CDr)

Necrotik Fissure – Shifting Inside The Ancient Surface (Altar Of Waste) 5€ (Unplayed)

New (Unplayed) CD’s

Contagious Orgasm – Ultramarine (SSSM) 6€

Genghis Tron – Dead Mountain Mouth (Crucial Blast) 5€

Goatvargr – S/T (Cold Spring) 10€ (Collab between Goat and Nordvargr)

Head Of The Demon – S/T (The Ajna Offensive) 10€

Iron Halo Device – The Collapsing Void (Malignant Records) 5€

Jarl – Out Of Balance (Malignant Records) 10€

Nevai, Nondor – The Wooden Machine Music (UgExplode) 10€

Saturnalia Temple – Ur (Psychedoomelic) 10€

Saturnalia Temple – Aion Of Drakon (The Ajna Offensive) 10€

Saturnalia Temple – Aion Of Drakon (Nuclear Winter Records) 10€

Skullflower – Tribulation (Crucial Blast) 5€

To Live And Shave In L.A. – The 300 Dollar Silk Shirt (UgExplode) 10€

Various – …With Eyes Wide Open For A Brighter Future (House Of Last Light) 5€

Walter, Weasel – Early Recordings 1988-1991 (UgExplode)

Wooley / Looney / Smith / Walter – Scowl (UgExplode) 10€ (Free Jazz)


Head Of The Demon – S/T (Self-released) LP 15€

Occult psych/doom, monotonous, undistorted Black Metal, lurking evil. An album that is what The Devil’s Blood, Year Of The Goat, Ghost and the likes couldn’t manage to do. A metal album that isn’t metal, occult and dark, without the macho bullshit and disguised power metal riffs. Highly recommended!

Jealousy Mountain Duo – No. 1 (Blunoise) LP 15€

“… disparate ’60s jazz and noisy, math-rock influences. Jealousy Mountain Duo takes a deconstructivist approach to its experimental blend of post-modern jazz and mathy indie rock, its guitars looping loops and conflicting melodies, its drums working in and out of rhythms, eschewing any semblance of straightforward timekeeping for an abstract counterbalance to the swirl of notes and tones. The result is tightly controlled chaos, a sonic maelstrom where form doesn’t necessarily follow function.” JMD Website

Jealousy Mountain Duo – No. 2 (Blunoise) LP 15€
Follow up to the debut, equal dose of controlled chaos and freak-out-jazziness!


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